New branding and website

August 2nd, 2015 by

We’ve been so busy working with clients that our own website got left behind, pretty shameful for a design company not to have a responsive website!

The wait is over, welcome to the new website. It’s far from perfect but it’s a great starting point as we look to make further improvements and update all the content. It’s literally a total rebuild, we’ve actually migrated from Joomla to WordPress, I guess that’s pretty telling to which system is leading the way in 2015.

We didn’t just want to chuck up a commercial template, we wanted to carry the space theme over from the old website and bring it up to date with a modern bespoke design. Bootstrap 3 is our responsive framework of choice, we then added some background videos, CSS3 effects and parallax scrolling.

Soon we will be adding lots more projects to our portfolio, we’re also in the process of planning some new Joomla/Wordpress/Magento plugins for the Extension section.

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