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Susnet Appointed To Guide Digital Strategy For Lemon Groundwork Solutions

December 10th, 2015 by

Digital marketing consultancy Susnet has been appointed by Lemon Groundwork Solutions, the UK’s largest Cellcore, Claymaster and Clayboard supplier, to take the lead in the latest phase of their digital marketing strategy, renewing a fruitful business relationship which was first established in 2011 when Susnet designed the existing Lemon ecommerce website.

Working hand in hand with Paul Edwards of Datastore Computing Ltd, who will continue to maintain Lemon’s IT infrastructure, Paul Sussex at Susnet will guide digital strategy for Lemon Groundwork Solutions throughout 2016, commencing with a complete rebuild of the Lemon website and shopping cart system. This redesign will bring together the latest responsive design technologies and techniques to vastly enhance Lemon’s on-site user experience, improving navigation across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

On completion of the new website, Susnet will be handling digital marketing and outreach for all Lemon Groundwork Solutions ventures, to increase online customer acquisition and further the growth of the brand on the web. This will involve promoting the brand across the internet with a combination of SEO, paid search and display advertising, as well as community building through social media, video and other avenues.

Paul Sussex, Creative Director at Susnet, said, “I’m really pleased to be back working with Lemon, it’s a fantastic company with great people.

“Since the development of the Lemon ecommerce site in 2011, we’ve experienced an explosion in the popularity of mobile and tablet browsing, which has given rise to creative solutions to the problems associated with catering for users on a broad range of screen sizes and devices. A new website design will allow Lemon Groundwork Solutions to take full advantage of this recent innovation and better serve their customers.”

“It’s also an exciting opportunity to build on what we achieved four years ago, when we laid strong foundations for the Lemon brand online. There is a real opportunity for companies in this sector to step up and dominate on the internet, and I’m confident we can really take things to the next level for Lemon in 2016.”

Paul Hart, General Manager at Lemon Groundwork Solutions, commented, “At Lemon we recognise the opportunities the internet brings and in order to capture a wider audience we need a company who understands SEO, has a proven track record in delivering results and is trustworthy. Susnet is all of those.”

“We know the money we are investing is being used as efficiently as possible, and we simply do not doubt the results will come, just like they did before.”


Founded in 2008, Susnet is one of the UK’s leading boutique digital marketing consultancies, with an impressive array of clients which range from local SMEs and start-ups through to large ecommerce companies and government-funded projects.

Operating on the simple principle of executing client strategy when it involves their strongest disciplines, and partnering with other providers when clients would be best served in that way, Susnet has been able to consistently deliver results, building a strong reputation for helping businesses realise a good return on their digital investment.

BACKGROUND: Lemon Groundwork Solutions

Lemon Groundwork Solutions have established themselves as a market leader in the groundwork industry. Having begun as a steel reinforcement company in Essex during the 1980s, they grew through the ’80s and ’90s to become the UK’s largest supplier of ground heave materials. The company offers a full range of reinforcing accessories, supplying domestic drainage and civil drainage from their own state-of-the-art prefabrication facility.

Lemon’s current ecommerce website was the first in the UK to offer online sales of groundwork supplies, with accurate delivery costs nationwide for everything, including even large and heavy products like steel reinforcement and prefabricated steel cages.

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