What features are important on a website?

September 8th, 2015 by

Establishing a strong web presence is essential for companies across every industry who wish to operate efficiently within the 21st Century global business market and promote themselves in the best possible light.

The internet has transformed the way in which companies conduct business in the modern day era, and with over 2 billion people worldwide having access, it is no surprise that any company, irrespective of its size and stature, would look to expand their operational network into the online market.

Effective utilisation of online marketing and advertising strategies can make a resounding difference to the level of conversion rates and sales profits that a company can achieve, but a website should act as the hub that controls how the business operates on the internet. Launching a website should provide the foundations for success, but there are a number of features that must be included within its visual and navigational elements to not only provide a dynamic site for current existing clients to use, but also branch out to those who may be interested in conducting business.


Overall design


Operating a commercial website is all well and good, but if it does not contain dynamic design features throughout each page, then it can fail to accurately reflect or represent the professional nature of the business. It is imperative for any company website to make a long-lasting impression through the use of colours, graphics and fonts that are appealing and eye-catching. Getting the balance right between vibrancy and style is the best way to produce an overall design that effectively sells the business within moments of logging onto the homepage. Crazy Vegas Casino is a good example of a website that has the right balance of colours within its logo, text and graphics that are immediately eye-catching and have the impact required to attract users into playing games on their site.

Marketing and web design company General Assembly is another website which exudes excellent design features through a sleek appearance that instantly explains what the company has to offer and captivates users into reading on. Failing to integrate a design that suitably reflects what the company represents or offers, whether through the wrong use of colours (i.e. black and other dark colours for an online florist which primarily sell beautiful and colourful flowers) or one that does not compliment itself from a visual perspective, can instantly lose the interest of viewers who are likely to take their custom elsewhere.




Any commercial website, irrespective of which industry the company operates in, has to allow current existing and prospective customers to navigate their way around and find the pages they want without becoming lost or struggling to find it. All of the design and visual qualities of a website can go down the drain if it becomes complex to come across what they are looking for, whether it is a particular article, product or information page in which to contact the company.

There is an unwritten rule within web design that suggests that users who access a website must be able to find the information they are after within no more than three clicks, otherwise they will become frustrated and search elsewhere. The three-click-rule is certainly applied across online drinks company Craft Coffee and fashion website Fashism which not only show how to create an easy-to-navigate website, but also provide excellent layouts and call to action features which enable users to browse through extensive catalogues and buy the products they want.




A commercial website may have the design and navigational qualities that one would expect from any company looking to conform to what their demographics require, but it can all count for little if the level of content is not of the required content. The level of information on the homepage, whether it is minimalistic or substantial, should make it instantly clear what the company has to offer. Mr Smith Casino is an excellent example of an online gaming site that lists a wide range of games on their homepage that users who register an account can play at their own discretion, while parenting website Offbeat Home & Life shows how it is possible to provide substantial quantities of high quality article-based content without overloading the homepage with text.

Content, whether it is articles, blog posts, games or purchasable products, should always be refreshed with new material to provide users with something new to read, buy or play; integrating search engine optimisation techniques within every section of text can make a big difference in achieving more success and being further up page rankings. Furthermore, every form of content must not only be displayed in a neat and tidy fashion according to the layout of each page, but also provide the element of quality that users expect of any commercial website.

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