If you want to generate business leads from the search engines you’re probably going to need some form of SEO. We specialise in getting search engine results the natural way, by making sure your website and SEO profile is better than your competitors.

The SEO industry has changed drastically over the years and will continue to evolve, you must be careful because the old techniques can now be quite damaging. The key thing to realise is Google doesn’t want you to manipulate the rankings, it’s about offering the best possible answers to the questions searchers are asking.

It doesn’t matter how much traffic we drive to the website via natural listings or AdWords, without the right content you’re not going to convert the clicks into customers.

If your content is good enough you will also naturally pick up backlinks, social mentions and reviews. The kind of SEO exposure that will set you apart from your competitors.

Backlinks still play a part in any SEO strategy, but it’s less about quantity and more about quality. As part of our strategy we need to look for backlink opportunities but only from high quality sources, for example newspapers, government websites, charities and other authority websites within your industry.

Finally, there are of course many other ranking factors, from website speed to mobile usability. This will be ongoing, there are always improvements that can be made.

Ultimately, it’s a results-based service, so prices vary depending on how competitive the industry is, our SEO packages start from £400 per month.

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