Video Production

Video content has increasingly become important for websites and socials, it’s convenient and efficient for the consumer. It’s a great marketing tool but with so much competition it needs to be good quality and engaging to get the most benefit. We can help you put together professional video content, with great lighting, perfect audio and stylish postproduction editing.

The Process

Creating video content happens in 3 parts, first is planning, second is filming and third is editing. If you don’t plan it’s going to take a lot longer to film, you might not have everything you need, and the result could be below expectations. Generally, on small projects we need to schedule a few hours to plan, a day to film and a day to edit. We can help with licencing stock footage, music and voice overs.

Work Examples

Below you can view some examples of our work. We’ve worked on various types of projects, from promotional videos to music videos.

Ready to work with us?

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